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Mukhwas the choice for your refreshment!

Hey! Did you know why people are fond of having “Mukhwas” after a meal? Let’s get some interesting facts about why we Indians are obsessed with a variety of Mukhwas. Mukhwas have been an integral part of Indian culture and cuisine for generations. However, most food historians believe that the tradition of having Mukhwas dates back to Islamic rule in India. These rulers used to chew on betel nuts and fennel seeds to sweeten their breath and palate after every meal in the 13th and 14th centuries. Some food historians also associate the origin of Mukhwas with that of paan, but most are in doubt about the fact due to the elaborate elements that go into the assembly of paan. However, the presence of betel nuts in both pan and Mukhwas is quite evident. Even royal families used to enjoy the flavors of various Mukhwas, like Rajwadi Mukhwas, Pan Mukhwas, Rajasthani Mukhwas, Gujarati Gotli Mukhwas, and many more. Mukhwas are available in most Indian grocery stores and come in a range of tastes. The predominant component present in most Mukhwas flavors is fennel seeds.

Why Rasily Mukhwas?

Did you know the flavor of different Mukhwas? Or only remember the flavor of Rasily Mukhwas? The market is full of different kinds of Mukhwas. But one Mukhwas that brings you the real flavor with the best ingredient is none other than Rasily Mukhwas! Yes, all the varieties of Mukhwas, whether Rajwadi Mukhwas, Pan Mukhwas, Rajasthani Mukhwas, or Gujarati Gotli Mukhwas. All the materials used in Rasily Mukhwas are quality raw materials and high-grade fresh, with the addition of only natural ingredients from reliable vendors. And Rasily Mukhwas also offers 100% purity in quality and service. The uniqueness of Rasily Mukhwas is their way of maintaining hygiene during the cleaning and making of Mukhwas. All the processes are followed in a raw, traditional way, just like something homemade!

we use 100% natural ingredients
Mouthwatering Mukhwas Combinations for Every Occasion!

Ok, let’s name your favorite mukhwaas. Rajwadi Mukhwas, Pan Mukhwas, Rajasthani Mukhwas, Gujarati Gotli Mukhwas. All have the power to make your mouth water, even if you just think of them.

The combination of Mukhwas makes your every day feel like some occasion and never drys your mouth. Even having Mukhwas is seen as a sign of respect and a way to show that you have enjoyed the meal and are grateful for the hospitality of your host. In India, Mukhwas is not just a regular refreshment but a cultural symbol associated with festivals like Holi, Diwali, Eid, Raksha Bandhan, Makar Sankranti, and even weddings. Mukhwas are often given as a gift during festivals and celebrations and are also used as a prasad (offering) in temples.

Flavors that excite your taste buds!

You can taste the traditional flavor of India with Rasily Mukhwas. some of Rasily’s vibrant Mukhwas, like Rajasthani Mukhwas, which is a mixture of ginger, turmeric, sesame seeds, fennel seeds, and mango seeds, together with salt and black pepper. Rajwadi Mukhwas embodies a deep, rich taste; pan Mukhwas is sweet with a hint of Red Rose Gulkandh; and Gujarati Gotli Mukhwas is a vibrant blend of turmeric, sesame seeds, and actual raw mango seeds. With all these flavors, it’s a perfect post-meal refresher. All are just options, and there are lots of vibrant Rasily Mukhwas with the perfect flavor balance to cleanse the palate and a lot of unique flavoring ingredients. It is an essential part of the meal since it leaves a delicious aftertaste that highlights the richness of Indian cuisine.

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A beautiful plate of Mukhwas!

Have you ever wondered why, after having a heavy meal or dinner, these beautiful plates of Rajwadi Mukhwas, Pan Mukhwas, Rajasthani Mukhwas, and Gujarati Gotli Mukhwas excite our taste buds? Let’s take a look at it.

A delicious blend of, mango seeds, sesame seeds, fennel seeds, rose petals, and so many other ingredients. That our taste buds can’t resist. And all this beauty of Mukhwas always has a special place on our plate after a meal. No matter what flavor you choose—Rajwadi Mukhwas, Pan Mukhwas, Rajasthani Mukhwas, or Gujarati Gotli Mukhwas—it will be a guarantee that all Mukhwas will leave your breath smelling fresh and your taste buds happy!

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