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A connoisseur in marketing, Mr. Hatim Bhai Shaikh Qamruddin Madarwala (B. Pharm), In times when there was a trend of moving to urban areas from the rural areas, he decided to facilitate the growth and progress of his hometown. Hence, with the permission, guidance and, Dua Mubarak of his holiness Dr. Syedna Mohammed Burhanuddin (R.A.), in the year 1973, he established a small-scale industry under the name ‘TASTEE PRODUCTS’ in the Rural area of Mandar, Rajasthan.
In the year 1986, upon request of the General Manager of the District Industry Centre Palanpur (Gujarat), Mr. Hatim Bhai founded a new unit in the remote area of ‘Gundari’, Gujarat, by the name of ‘TOP PRODUCTS’.
The area was marked for industrial development as ‘Hatim Nagar’ for the work done by founder for local area and job empowerment. This new plant facility and administrative block constructed in 1986, was inaugurated on 10th July 1988, by Mr. Buta Singhji (Former Union Home Minister) and Mr. B.K. Gadhvi (Former Finance Minister, Govt. Of India). The said unit created employment opportunity for 20 unskilled and 5 skilled personnel then and the legacy continues.

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Rasily is a well known manufacturer of Sweet Mukhwas known across the generations for its taste. All our products are manufactured from the best of raw materials with the addition of only natural ingredients and flavors, devoid of any preservatives.
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It has been a great journey of learning and understanding – of our customers, their likes and dislikes, patterns of spending and gifting, trials, and errors. We have had customers who have told us that we are the only brand that has maintained the premium quality from the start till date. There have been others who have supported us because we are a home-grown brand, which has been very overwhelming, and it has strengthened our resolve to do better.
A delicious mouth freshener which explodes freshness when consumed. These mouth freshener are processed & packed hygienically that assure its freshness and aroma for a longer period.

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