Our Profile  

Executive Summary :

Mr. Hatim Q. Madarwala, (D.Pharm) the chief promoter of the project is the Proprietor of the Company. He has over 25 years of business experience in the field of Manufacturing Ayurvedic Preparations.


A specialist in Marketing, he started his career in 1965 as a general supplier in to Public sector undertaking like L&T, ACC etc. In 1973 he started this unit under a small-scale basis in the rural backward area of Rajasthan under the banner TASTEE PRODUCTS. He developed roads and brought Tele communication network in this area. He has been SURPANCH (Chairman of Municipality) for 11 years in Mandar Village of Rajasthan.


He has been awarded Rama Krishna Paramhans Award for development of rural Rajasthan, as there was no electricity, no road links with the major towns and no Tele Communication facilities. With the efforts of Mr. Hatim Bhai the village now is fully electrified, connected by roads with major towns and ISD, STD facilities are provided along with Internet access. The village today is at par with any big city so far as these facilities are concerned.


He has been awarded Indira Gandhi Priyadarshini Award for maintaining communal harmony and Pride of Asia International Gold Medal in Singapore, for infrastructural development in rural India in the year 1992.


In 1986 Mr. Hatim Bhai founded TOP PRODUCTS and the unit was expanded in the rural backward area of Gujarat province in India and he successfully established the unit and the Brand RASILY TM in the past 25 years. He generated an employment for 20 unskilled workers and 5 skilled personnel including Supervisors and managers. Mr. Hatim Bhai has been awarded many national and international awards for his excellence in developing infrastructure in the rural area.


Brief History :

Hatim Bhai Shaikh Qamruddin Madarwala with the permission and Dua Mubarak of His Holiness Dr. Syedna Mohammed Burhanuddin (TUS) established Top Products in the year 1973. With the prime objective to work for the native and by catering to the vast demand of scented supari with small initial investment and started operating from a small building on rental basis. The company was able to successfully penetrate the local market and achieved huge returns and by the results, in 1986 General Manager of the District Industry Center, Palanpur visited the factory and offered to start a unit in Gujarat. The company acquired 2 Acres of land in Gujarat and constructed a new Building for the Plant and Administrative Block in the year 1988.